Advanced Engaging Online Meetings

Consultation has concluded

Consultation has concluded
  • Introductions

    Welcome to the Advance Engaging Online Meetings session. This is an introduction to some of the tools available to help our stakeholders engage with us during meetings in ways that are similar to if we were meeting face to face.

    The Stakeholder Engagement Team can help you with planning and delivering meetings online . . . this session is to get you started with ideas of what is possible.

    Jane Harwood - Stakeholder Engagement Manager

    Nicola Blacker - Engagement Support Officer

  • Primary Health Exchange

    Some quick ideas to get started:

    1. Use the page as your agenda
    2. Run surveys before or after a vc meeting to gather input from participants
    3. Gather ideas in the meeting in real time
    4. Conduct a quick poll during the meeting in real time
    5. link agenda items to other platforms like Mentimetre

  • Other tools and platforms

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    Mentimeter is an internet based tool that enables real-time engagement and interaction with your audience, whether you’re delivering a presentation or running a meeting.

    Great for:

    • running a quiz
    • polling your audience
    • ask them to respond to questions
    • get people to submit their questions during a meeting or presentation
    • create live word clouds to gauge sentiment or key thoughts on a topic


    Great for:

    • running quizzes - like the Policy Team!
    • supporting learning
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