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ICLA eFriend Launch

3 months ago

eFriend is a first-of-its-kind planned virtual peer support service in Australia, developed by Independent Community Living Australia (ICLA), leveraging on ICLA’s 30 years of expertise and experience in delivering in-community support for people with mental illness.

eFriend provides non-clinical, peer-based individual mental health support to people experiencing loneliness, isolation, distress, difficulty coping and the impact of trauma, anxiety, depression or thoughts of self-harm using a methodology known as ‘befriending’.

eFriend is staffed by a trained team of Peer Support Workers who have a personal lived experience with mental health, trauma, suicidality or distress.

Goals of eFriend

• Provide a social connection and listening ear

• Assist participants to seek support from their local network, community groups and coach them to reach out for help if they wish

• Assist participants to engage in self-care and create individual safety plans when needed

• Reduce loneliness and isolation in the community aiming for a reduction in the need for intensive mental health services

• Guide those seeking clinical mental health services to appropriate pathways

For further information see the website

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