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R u ok? Leonora has a Blue Tree

Local stakeholders and the Shire of Leonora came together recently to paint a designated tree blue in the town of Leonora, Northern Goldfields, prompting locals to talk about mental health and ask: “r u ok?”. Norma Heaton from HOPE Community Services has a vision to paint trees blue along the Northern Goldfield highway, from Kalgoorlie to Laverton. This project has touched Norma personally due to lived experience.

The Blue Tree Project started as a reminder for people to check in on their loved ones and to bring awareness to mental health issues and suicide prevention. The colour blue represents a “blue lease in life” and the project has touched many. Trees have since been painted across Western Australia and more recently, in other locations around Australia.

For information on the Blue Tree Project-

Image 1: Leonora's blue tree

Image 2: Gary-John Adams, Chris Semmens (Centrecare), local Painter Terry Demasson, Norma Heaton (HOPE CS) and local painter Dave Cheney

Image 3: The team at work

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