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The Blue Tree Project Esperance

The Blue Tree Project – Esperance is in full swing after the inaugural tree was painted to raise awareness of depression and suicide prevention.

A blue tree is a visual reminder that these issues exist and that its OK to seek help.

LifeSPAN Suicide Prevention Awareness Network committee member Raelene Craft said about 10 people helped to paint the tree on Sheldon Road on Sunday, June 30, with plenty of encouragement from passers-by. "It has already been really well-received within the community and it's spreading far and wide on social media. People are really excited about it and know that it's a great project and awareness campaign”

"We thought that the semi-industrial area was a good location because it's actually targeting a different kind of group. Being the industrial area, there are a lot more males there, too”.

With one tree down, the LifeSPAN Esperance is eager to paint more trees throughout the town and encouraged the community to get onboard and join the campaign.

LifeSPAN Esperance extended thanks to Michael Drake-Brockman Building Constructions, CSBP Fertilisers Esperance, Bunnings Esperance, Mates4mates, Topsigns and the community members that assisted for their support.

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