Albany City Council Support a Compassionate Community

The City of Albany and WA Primary Health Alliance have partnered to develop a Compassionate Albany Charter that encourages community to play a stronger role in supporting individuals and families through difficult times.

Endorsed by Council on the Ordinary Council Meeting on 25th August, it is understood the project was the first of its kind in WA where a Local Government has worked with key health and community stakeholders to achieve a whole-of-community owned compassionate charter.

The City of Albany will be the custodian of the Charter, which has a palliative care focus and encourages neighbourhood networks that provide a support structure to residents when they need it most.

Workshops took place with community members to discuss all aspects of what makes a support network successful, and how Albany could become a more compassionate place to live.

Six key themes were agreed; Shared Humanity, Community Mindedness, Compassionate Organisations, Communication and Information Sharing, Compassionate Places and Spaces, and Leadership and Advocacy.

Albany Mayor Dennis Wellington said the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic emphasised the importance and value of having a Compassionate Charter.

“Supporting this Compassionate Albany Charter means we are supporting our community to look out for each other through hardship, whether that be personal or economic to individuals, families or businesses,” Mayor Wellington said.

“This Charter has a key focus on supporting people through the end-of-life process, but the compassionate aims spread broader than that too and encourages service providers, businesses, organisations, groups and clubs to work together to create an Albany that is resilient, responsive and understanding.

“It’s crucial that we stick together, look out for others who might be vulnerable and show compassion to those who are experiencing hardship or grief.”

The Compassionate Albany Charter and report can be found on the City of Albany website or in hard copy at the City of Albany Administration Building on North Road or the Albany Public Library, or in electronic format at the Great Southern Compassionate Communities website . A detailed report of the Compassionate Albany Charter can be found here

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