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Heather & Tony's Story - A Case Study of Network Care

10 Jun 2020

During 2019 Tony & Heather Speechly agreed to be part of a filmed case study to show how community networks can help people as they approach end of life.

Heather and Tony had been living in Perth while he was being treated for a life limiting condition, however they really wanted to be living back in their rural community on the outskirts of Albany on the south coast (some 500 kilometres from Perth).

They couldn't see how they could manage but when a friend from Albany offered to help set up a network of care Tony and Heather were able to return to the place they loved.

So, despite living in a relatively remote area they benefited greatly from support provided by a network of people. Not only did Tony receive community nursing care from the Hall & Prior Palliative Care Nursing team, but people in their immediate neighbourhood and friends from Albany provided practical and emotional support for both Tony and Heather.

The Heather & Tony's Story - A Network Care Case Study is a 12 minute film showing how the network of care worked, and gives an insight to how those that were involved felt about it.

This film will be used as part of a Network Care Facilitator's Kit that is currently being developed.

WA Primary Health Alliance and the Great Southern Compassionate Communities team thanks Heather and Tony for graciously agreeing to share their story.

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