Combining Industries

23 Sep 2016

My name is Emma Costello, I'm the Digital Health Project Officer here at WAPHA. My job sees me interacting across both the digital innovation and technology industry as well as the healthcare sector on a regular basis, two very different ecosystems.

The opportunities to grow and expand on technology use within the healthcare sector are almost endless. Previously thought unattainable sci-fi innovations seen in shows such as Star Trek are beginning to become reality faster than we would have thought.

Yet it still amazes me how fractured the relationships between developers and clinicians are. Developers build systems designed to fix a problem but are not necessarily user friendly for the clinicians. Clinicians are also expected to make decisions about technology without often fully understanding the systems.

Is it any wonder then, that the systems we see introduced into healthcare are often not ideal with such a fractured relationship?

We need to bring these two industries closer to together, improve communication between us and start building tech solutions that solve the problem that are also easy for the clinicians to use.

When we are able to do this, digital innovation thrives.

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