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New Cancer Symptom Website for Regional People

8 months ago
Find cancer early

On Sunday 24 March, Cancer Council WA launched the new Find Cancer Early website. The site aims to improve regional cancer survival outcomes as research shows regional Western Australians are 20 – 30 per cent more likely to die within five years of a cancer diagnosis than people living in Perth.

The new website has been designed to improve regional Western Australian's understanding of the early symptoms of prostate, breast, skin, bowel and lung cancer and encourage them to report any unusual changes in their body to their doctor, clinic nurse or Aboriginal health worker early.

Learn more about early cancer symptoms here:

Harnessing the Power of Personal Stories

The stories and advice of regional champions who have experienced a prostate, breast, skin, bowel or lung cancer diagnosis has been gathered to help motivate regional people to Find Cancer Early.

Learn from Find Cancer Early champions or share your story here:

"Get it looked at. Just get on with it". - Arnold, from Albany - skin and prostate cancer champion.

Arnold recommends that anyone who has noticed an unusual change in their body tell their doctor, clinic nurse or Aboriginal Health Worker.

For more information, contact:

Bruce Beamish - Great Southern Regional Education Officer, Albany WA

(08) 9842 7513 or 0488 031 113 (Mon-Thu)

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