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Alcohol and Other Drugs Continuing Care Program expanding across the Kimberley

9 months ago

The Kimberley Continuing Care Program reached another milestone recently, with the opening of a new office space in Kununurra.

The program is delivered as a partnership between Milliya Rumurra, Ngnowar-Aerwah and Boab Health Services and funded by WA Primary Health Alliance, via the Country WA Primary Health Network.

The design of this innovative program is to provide ongoing support to clients and their families when they exit alcohol and other drug rehabilitation and return to their homes and communities.

It addresses a significant gap in the East and West Kimberley and has been made possible by Australian Government funding of more than $1 million. It recognises that people returning to their homes and families following residential treatment need active support and follow up to have the best chance of a sustained recovery.

The 39-week program gives clients one year of treatment and support for their alcohol and drug problems.

Teams are based in both the West and East Kimberley with offices in Broome, Wyndham and now Kununurra, working with clients and their families to support them to maintain changed behaviours and focus on steps to help them achieve their goals.

Recovery from alcohol and drugs needs to address the complex relationships between the client, their family and peer networks, the community they live in and the broader social and political context.

While residential rehabilitation offers effective high intensity, short-term intervention if what happens after rehab,ilitation is not addressed, people can face many barriers that keep them from staying strong.

One of the East Kimberley continuing care workers said having the office in Kununurra will help them connect with clients from the area, and having a space where clients can come for counselling and support and also join in our weekly group activities is already seeing positive outcomes.

WA Primary Health Alliance's regional manager Andy McGaw said it was great to see this innovative service open its doors in Kununurra.

“People living in the East Kimberley leaving residential rehabilitation can now receive the follow-up care they need to maintain behavioural change, supported by their family, whose involvement is known to have a significant influence on long-term recovery.”

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