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With One Voice

04 Nov 2019

This week is the launch of the first all-inclusive community choir in Mirrabooka. The With One Voice Mirrabooka (WOVM) is more than just singing with your local community choir:

  • It’s an opportunity to create real connections between the diverse people in the community.
  • It’s about building bridges between those who are experiencing disadvantage and those who are more fortunate.
  • It’s about creating opportunities for people of diverse backgrounds and situations to learn from one another and help each other.
  • The choir is led by a professional conductor and meet weekly, followed by supper.
  • In addition to singing and eating together, the choir also includes a Wish List program where choir members’ request, and grant wishes to one another. Wishes can be anything that a choir member needs or has to offer, such as a free music lesson, assistance with learning a new language, writing a CV, finding a job, help with moving to a new house, or computer tuition.

With One Voice Mirrabooka is an initiative of the Social Inclusion Mirrabooka (SIM) network and managed by Sudbury Community House with seed funding from Creativity Australia.

To RSVP please call 9344 8011. Flyer

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