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Better health, together: Depression looks different for everybody

over 1 year ago

In this month’s Better health, together video, WA Primary Health Alliance CEO, Learne Durrington chats with Principal Advisor and Research Director, Dr Danny Rock about depression and our recent campaign to bring about awareness of this common mental health condition.

WA Primary Health Alliance have launched an important campaign, Depression looks different for everybody, which aims to raise awareness of depression, encourage people to talk about their feelings and urge them to seek help.The campaign captures personal stories of depression as mini documentaries and in artworks to help people recognise the symptoms of this mental health condition that impacts about 1 million Australians each year.Four Western Australians are featured, and local artists were commissioned to produce paintings to demonstrate that depression looks different for everybody.The result is a powerful approach that aims to help people recognise depression if it comes up in their lives, or in someone they know, and direct them to where they can find useful information on depression and how to get help.

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