After-Care Coordinator service based in Northam

5 months ago
Karen and chris cropped

A new health service to help link people who have attempted to to take their own life with vital community-based support is to be established in the Wheatbelt and based in Northam.

Our Wheatbelt regional coordinator, Karen Hansen's great idea sparked the development of a 12-month pilot of a new after-care coordinator service.

Newly appointed by Holyoake, Christine Cornforth will connect people with vital community-based support, on discharge from a hospital emergency department following a suicide attempt. As well as coordinating ongoing care, informed by the hospital discharge plan, Christine will provide social and practical support and reconnect the person with their GP and other relevant primary care services.

Continuity of care during the first few days after discharge from hospital following a suicide attempt is vital, as this is a known high-risk period.

A particular focus of this activity is linking patients back to their GP and providing patient support during the critical post-attempt period.

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