How was The Plan developed?

    The new Strategic Plan has been developed through consultation and iteration to ensure it is fit for purpose. It was developed by the Executive in the first instance and tested with managers, WAPHA’s Advisory Committee and the Chairs of WAPHA’s Consumer and Clinician Engagement Committees before being endorsed by the Board in July 2020.

    What does The Plan include?

    The Plan is intended for both internal and external audiences. It provides key contextual information and an overview of: primary health care, the PHNs, WAPHA as an organisation; and includes an overview and key statistics on each of our three PHNs.

    It then goes on to set out:

    • Our mission, vision and values – these set our direction
    • A set of four strategic priorities – these are our most significant commitments
    • A set of four drivers of success – these are the most important things that will enable our strategic success
    • Our approach for successful implementation.

    How will WAPHA implement the plan?

    The Plan establishes a path for successful implementation. These activities will bring the Strategic Plan to life by prioritising activities and projects. 

    • Seven discrete pillar strategies aligned with the Australian Government priorities for PHNs will be established to identify WAPHA’s priorities for commissioning. These include, for example, Mental Health, Alcohol and Drugs, and Aboriginal Health. 
    • An internal Strategic Roadmap that distills the strategy into WAPHA’s key initiatives for each year between 2020-2023. This roadmap will guide and prioritise our strategic development and how we will invest in building WAPHA’s internal capabilities, for example in the areas of analytics and evaluation.
    • We will continue to engage with the community and hold stakeholder forums. These have provided great opportunities to connect with our key stakeholders, deepen our understanding of their priorities and inform them of our direction.

    How will WAPHA measure success and track progress towards our goals?

    Outcomes and measures will be built into our Strategic Roadmap and the seven discrete pillar strategies.

    We will communicate progress regularly to our stakeholders, through our established stakeholder bodies, communication channels and events, such as our Better Health, Together forums.